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Raves and Thank You Messages

Matt, They all look really great. These pictures are just as good, if not better, than pictures the New Yorker photographers take. You were also a lot easier to work with than them. Thanks again.Keya

Matt, Thank you so much for being our photographer! You were amazing! We are so very happy with all of the pictures. We have recommended you to everyone we know. Also, thanks for answering all my questions about everything! : ) You are awesome!Love, Hope & Clint Gillam

Matt, I got my pictures and can't thank you enough! They are fun and artistic and beautiful. Its exactly what I wanted when I started looking back in November. We had a lot of fun with you and will definitely call on you when we have children! Thank you! Ashlee & Brian Warren

"We got our album in the mail today!!! I LOVE IT!!!! I could not stop staring at it! My in-laws have seen it and just can't get enough! I can't wait for my parents to see it! I'm so excited! It looks so amazing and I can't thank you enough!!!!! It is just perfect! Thanks so much! Have a very Merry Christmas!!!" - Caitlin Clemmer

Dear Matt:Hi there !!!! How spectacular are your photos! You are such an amazingtalent, and what makes it even more special is the tremendous spirit youhave. It was such a delight to spend the day with you and just soak in theglow of all you had going on. The pictures were wonderful representationsof not only "the kids" but the love and dedication that with which they havelived their lives. And so cute with Drew! THANK YOU!!!!Lori

Hey Matt. I just wanted to thank you again for helping to make our wedding a great experience. I really can’t imagine working with any other photographer. You, and your team did such a wonderful job last Saturday at our wedding (Nathan & Stacey – Cofer’s Chapel). You were great with everybody, from the kids on up. Very courteous, and very professional. I will definitely be recommending your services to anyone that mentions needing a photographer for anything. I never thought I would actually enjoy working with a photographer for engagement and wedding pictures. People can have horrible experiences with it. You were just great, and I really did enjoy it. Thanks again Matt, and tell your team that me and Stacey thank them as well! Have a great day. -Nathan Gladson

Matt,I just can't thank you enough for your hard work capturing our fairytale wedding. It exceeded our wildest dreams and just from the Premierpreview (Dawn & Blake forwarded it to me) the pictures are AWESOME - IMEAN AWESOME!!!!!You worked so hard that night and we truly appreciate it. I also hopethese pictures will help bring you more work! If there is any way wecan help in this regard just let us know.Again, thank you so very much.Lorrie McCracken (Dawn's Mom)P.S. Can't wait to see the rest!!!!!!

Hey Matt! So good to work with you in Nashville! I would like to have more of your business cards, and also, do you travel to Chattanooga, other parts of Middle Tennessee? I would love to work with you again! Your work is outstanding! I have reviewed the photo gallery, and I truly would like to stay that your work is some of the VERY BEST! Again, it was my pleasure! Brenda S. Smith, Wedding/Event Coordinator

Matt, Just wanted to tell you again how happy we all were with you on Saturday ? your great personality and professionalism were evident in the way everyone cooperated with you for all of the poses! Let me know if you need anything.....Mary Alice YatesControllerYMCA of MIddle Tennessee

Hi Matt! We have received the album and are very happy with it. I couldn't believe how glossy the pages are! Everyone who has seen our photos has complimented you on what a great job you did. Thanks for everything! Karen and Jonathan

Hi Matt!I just got to browse through our pictures and they are absolutely wonderful! Exactly what I had hoped for and more- now how I am going to decide, well, it's going to be quite a stack for sure!! You did an excellent job and I am so proud of your work! I've forwarded your site link to all my friends and family so they can be sure to look- thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your hard work and desire for creativity! I'll call you later this week to find out what your procedures are for my ordering, proofing, etc. Again, thanks a million! They're beautiful! A very happy bride, Emily Brock (Wilson) :-)Hey! It's me again- I just now saw the newest batch of ceremony pictures and LOVE them!!! I've already ordered one bunch and most of the ones I ordered,I actually want in the album, too. I'll be ordering again as soon as I get this first batch in- will keep you posted with numbers- my all time favorite is the composite you did of us in the white cadillac. SUPER!! Am trying to decide what I want for the book cover- will let you know. This is hard to choose!! :-)Emily

Hi! I can't tell you how happy Jason and Kaite were with the pics they saw, especially the candid shots. I guess the telephoto lens is key. When I tried to take candids, people freeze up and make stupid faces! I want to ask you a favor. I am sure you have a wedding backlog and I'm not trying to imply we are any more important than anyone else's wedding (ahem), but our 10-year class reunion is this Saturday and that's where they will be (rather than a honeymoon.) If you could send me a shot of them I could incorporate, that would be SO GREAT. Since their wedding just happened, it would be appropriate (and many of the attendees will be there, as well). I am definitely going to get ahold of that candid of me and Scott--we have NO good pics of us, so I am excited!If you could do this, it would be so great! Thanks!!Emily Shearon(314) 458-4859

We are so excited about getting our album- btw, I was doing a search for a photographerfeatured in a wedding I went to two weeks ago inTennessee and saw that you were #3 on the list forNashville's best photographers. Is that true? True ornot, I'm still getting horror stories from my newlymarried friends about their photographers and I keeptelling them they should've used you! :) Thanks amillion for our beautiful memories and to drop youanother piece of info, we're expecting, lol, and duein August. It's a boy. :) E. Brock

Hey Matt... I can not begin to thank you enough for the amazing job you didon our wedding photos. I have only gone through half of them and I have noidea how I am going to choose for ordering... You were so awesome to workwith and I had no idea you were even taking half of these shots. I am soglad we chose you for this very important job on our very special day. Wewill cherish all of our memories through these photos. Please let me know ifyou need anything else from me or if you have any other questions. ThanksAgain!!!!!!Dan and Rachel Scotchie

Hi Matt! We received the pictures today. They are wonderful. Thank you so much!!!! We are very excited and cannot wait to share them with our family and friends.-Hannah & Dan

Hey! Richard and I just looked on your website and found some lovely photos of us on your blog. They're fantastic -- hooray!!!!! Thank you again, so much, for everything on Saturday. We really appreciate it! Thank you again!--Sarah :)

I am enjoying the photos very much, they are awesome!THANK YOU.I just can not stress to you enough that you are a great photographer.They came out great.Better than I expected. i love them. Sarah Rausch

Hey Matt,Hope that you recovered from your long weddingweekend! We had so much fun and can't wait to see thepictures! I realized that when Kat paid you theremainder of the bill she probably did not includeanything extra. We would really like to thank you forbeing totally up for great pictures! My mom is sendingyou a little extra in the mail in the next week toshow our appreciation, but I wanted to make sure youwere aware of it. Talk to you soon and thanks again!rachel

Matt,Thank You! You certainly earned every penny of your fee. I know you were tired that night!! Everyone commented on how great you were. I have never been so amazed at the number of quality shots you got. We are all so pleased. The problem is now how to choose!! Again, thank you so much for all your hard work. We will have memories to look at for a lifetime - thanks to you. Cindy TateGinger's mom

Hi Matt,Thank you for doing a wonderful job yesterday. Your personality wasperfect for our wedding (much appreciated), and the pictures that youshowed us yesterday looked great. We are excited to see the pictures when they are ready in a week ortwo.Best,Whit

Hey Matt! I wanted to let you know how much we love the wedding pictures!!! And tons of people have told us how great they thought you were! Hope everything is going great for you! We will talk soon! Thanks again!!!~Caitlin~

Hi Matt,We received the disk - and we really liked the photos! Great Job and thank you!Peggy Peggy RamseyAEG LIVE Events

Hey Matt! All of the pictures are great! We do love them. Twila was so nice and she did a great job too! Our honeymoon was awesome!!! St. Lucia is amazing. I uploaded pictures to my facebook page. You'll have to check them out. Thanks for sending the code - now we just have to pick our favorites - so hard!Talk to you soon!!!! Hannah

Thanks Matt!Here is some feedback I recevied from the florist, Vanessa Taylor:Thank YOU!! It was such a pleasure to work with you. The photos are GREAT!! He is amazing...makes it fun and artistic...great memories for you!I'll be in touch with him to see if I can get a CD of photos. Thanks again.Greta

Matt, Thank you so much for all your help with the wedding. Our engagement and wedding photos are absolutely beautiful. We love our DVD slideshow. We have had so many wonderful comments about the photos. You are such a wonderful friend. Thank you! Thank you ! Thank you! We can't thank you enough.Matt and Michelle Irwin

Matt,Esme and I just received our pictures in the mail, and we think they are great! You did a really good job with capturing who we are and the way we feel about each other. We trully love them and are also very excited about our wedding pictures! We think you are a great photographer and your work is amazing. Thanks Again,Sane and Esme

Matt - I forgot to email you when we received our wedding album, but it is awesome, and we LOVE it!! I could not be more excited about how great everything looks. Thank you so much for everything!I showed it to my parents over Thanksgiving, and the love it. They love it so much, in fact, that they were wondering if it would be possible to order another one just like it, for themselves? I hope you had a great Thanksgiving, and are getting ready for a merry Christmas!--Sarah :)

Hey Matt,Thanks so much for sending us those albums! We did get them and they are beatiful, we appreciate all your hard work, and I am working on a referral for you right now! = ) Amy

Matt, We just wanted the chance to tell you how much we appreciated everything you did for us concerning this wedding. You did such a spectacular job! We love your pictures so much, we are using separate ones as Christmas presents for friends and family. And Twila was incredible as well! Please pass that on! We want you to know that you are our first choice from now on, and the one we will brag about. And of course, we not only love your talent; but the person that you are. Thank you, God bless, ad Merry Christmas!Tarrah & Austin